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Landwirtsch. Werk, Altaner, Berthold : Patrologie : Leben, Schriften u. Lehre d. Kirchenväter / Berthold Altaner ; Alfred Stuiber. -. [mehr]. Abkürzung, Altaner. Werk, Ambrosi, Hans. Werk, CDMARC names : Cataloging Distribution Service, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. – Washington : Library of Congress. [mehr].

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4 out. 2017. Ac.225211 Quantidade : 2 ALTANER, Berthold. Patrologia. 4.ed. rifusa e ampl. Casale Monteferrato, Itália: Marietti, 1952. xx, 409. Classificação : V.F.S. 1(031 ) E56 1992 Ac.258529 Quantidade : 1 BORNHEIM, Gerd Alberto (Org.). Os filósofos Pré-Socráticos. São Paulo: Pensamento-Cultrix, 1967. 129 p.

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Name Gerd : Meaning, origin, etymology and all informations about first name Gerd – Short form of GERHARD.

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Many Germanic names have now become common in other countries but it was only in recent years that foreign names began to be popular in Germany. French name forms are widely. Gaufrid. Gebhard, gift + hardy. Gerhard, Gerhardt, Gerhart, Gerrit, Gerd? spear + hardy. Altaner, Althusser, Altmann. Alzen, Amlinger.

Name. 10km Volkslauf. Nettozeit. Ergebnisliste. 13.6.2010. Metropolmarathon Fürth. Scheler, Max. MJA. 1. M. 1. 1. 5726. 31:50. Holzapfel, Simon. M20. 2. M. 1. 2. Satzinger, Gerd. M60. 202. M. 7. 170. 5715. 51:51. Arold, Marc. MJA. 203. M. 16. 171. 5201. 51:52. Team HLG. Klausmann, Lisa. W20. 204. W. 8. 33. 5471.

Contents. [hide]. 1 Origin and Meaning. 1.1 Ancient Germanic; 1.2 Proto-Norse (?); 1.3 Old Norse; 1.4 Gothic; 1.5 Old Swedish; 1.6 Old Saxon; 1.7 Anglo-Saxon; 1.8 Old High German. 2 Related Names; 3 Combinations; 4 First Element Forms; 5 Last Element Forms; 6 References.

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References[edit]. Kristoffer Kruken – Ola Stemshaug: Norsk personnamnleksikon, Det Norske Samlaget, Oslo 1995, ISBN 82-521-4483-7 · [1] Statistisk sentralbyrå, Namnestatistikk: 16 081 females with the given name Gerd living in Norway on January 1st 2011, with the frequency peak in the 1930s. Accessed on April 18th,

IJCCE,Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Iran. J. Chem. Chem. Eng.

. Alstede (1), Alt (103), Altacher (1), Altaner (1), Altdorf (7), Alten (32), Altenaichinger (1), Altenau (1), Altenbach (3), Altenbeck (2), Altenberg (7), Altenbuchner (5), Altenburg (7), Altendorf (20), Alteneder (3), Altengarten (1), Altenhofen (3), Altenhoff (3), Altenhoven (3), Altenkamp (3), Altenrath (6), Altensell (3), Altenweg (8),

Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. – IJCCE,Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Iran. J. Chem. Chem. Eng.

The meaning, origin and history of the name Gerd (2).

and Gerd Ludemann) but i t is a measure of the protean nature of. Simon that they present four different evaluations of the date, provenance and inter- relationships. NEW, S. 'The Name, Baptism and the Laying on of Hands', in P0AKES-. JACKSON, P.J. & LAKE, K. edd. The Beginnings of. Christianity, part 1, vol.5t London,

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The following names are dinosaurs and to be avoided if you have a teenage character from these places today: Gerda, Gertrud, Hannelore, Hedwig, Elke, and. Gerald; Gerd; Gerhard/Gerhardt; Gerold; Gerrit; Gottfried (Friedel); Gotthard ( Götz); Gotthold (Götz); Gottleib/Gottlieb; Gottschalk (Götz); Gregor; Gunnar; Gunter.

The meaning, origin and history of the name Gerd (1).

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Gerd is a common Germanic name. As a masculine name it is a shortened form of Gerhard. As a feminine name it may be a form of Gerda or Gertrud. See also Gert. People with this name include: People[edit]. Male. Gerd Achterberg (born 1940), German football manager; Gerd Albrecht (1935–2014), German conductor.